Mortgage Lenders

Supports end-to-end mortgage processing services that help you save time and costs while giving you a competitive advantage

Lenders today know how competitive the mortgage market is and how essential it is to always stay ahead of the game to gain a higher market share.

We still see much paperwork in processing a loan file and processing that paperwork is still time-consuming, yet a critical task. Additionally, lenders need to continually focus their efforts on managing operational costs, ensuring compliance, training their personnel, and adapting to the newer technologies. Focusing on these aspects is not only necessary but is required to deliver an enhanced customer experience to their borrowers. The struggle to maintain profit margins is a growing worry for lenders. As a result, we see an increasing number of loan originators seeking the support of the service providers.

Our team helps the mortgage divisions of the regional and national banks, with end-to-end mortgage processing services :

We offer back-office support right from Origination to Underwriting to Closing and finally till Post-close. Our offerings also include loan servicing support for mortgage divisions/lenders who are servicers with their loan portfolios. Working with us for your mortgage processing can help you save time and costs while giving you a competitive advantage.

We are also the only service provider who serves our banks and mortgage lenders with a full scale of services in a mortgage lifecycle. Our 10+ years of experience working with customers, self-motivated teams, automated workflows, and intelligence powered by RPA  technologies and digital compliance ensures operational efficiency and customer satisfaction with our clients.

Loan Processing Support:

  • Loan Document Indexing – Collect & Review borrower documents
  • Order VOE, VOD, VOM and VOR
  • Order Appraisal, Title, Hazard and Flood Certificates
  • Order VA and FHA Case Numbers for Government loans
  • Order Tax Certificates
  • Generate LE and TIL Disclosures
  • Collect Signed Disclosures and verify
  • Verification of HOI (Homeowners Insurance)
  • Title Search & Report Preparation

Underwriting and Quality Checks Support:

  • Credit Review
  • Contract Review
  • Review Flood Certificate
  • Review Appraisal Report
  • Fraud Review
  • Title Review

Closing Support:

  • Document Preparation
  • Scheduling of Closing
  • HUD Reviews
  • HMDA Data Gathering and Reporting
  • Closing File Review
  • MERS Recording
  • Recording Support

Post-closing & Compliance Support:

  • Post-close Review and Exception Curing
  • Suspense / Exception Reporting
  • Trailing Documents
  • Investor Guideline Review
  • Final Document Indexing

Loan Servicing Support:

  • Loan Boarding
  • Investor Reporting
  • Invoice Management
  • Default Management
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Mailbox Management
  • Escrow Management
  • Payoff Processing
  • Modification System Update
  • Lien Release
  • Customer Service
  • Bank Reconciliation

Benefits of partnering with PrivoCorp

  • Single window processing to avoid managing multiple vendors
  • Headquarters in Austin, TX with threeproduction facilities located in India
  • Experience working with all the leading LOS, Compliance and Servicing platforms
  • Flexible engagement model to help you reduce fixed costs
  • SSAE 18 compliant (SOC 2 audit in the processs)