Contract Mortgage Processing Services

Only contract mortgage processing services company, providing processing support that cuts across originations as well as post-close

Peoples Processing offers End-to-End Contract Mortgage Processing Services to help Loan officers, Mortgage Lenders, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Companies to fulfill their Contract Processing Requirements

We are among the only contract mortgage processing services company, providing processing support that cuts across origination as well as post-close. Our multi-state footprint, self-motivated teams, automated workflows, intelligence powered by RPA and AI technologies and digital compliance ensures operational efficiency and customer satisfaction for our clients. Although many lenders believe in a fragmented approach while assigning processing work, we believe this end to end contract processing is still widely needed in the mortgage industry today.

Peoples Processing covers the complete array of contract mortgage processing services under a loan lifecycle that includes services such as :

Loan Processing Support

  • Loan Document Indexing: Collect, Review Borrower Documents
  • Order VOE, VOD, VOM and VOR
  • Order Appraisal, Title, Hazard and Flood Certificates
  • Order VA and FHA Case Numbers for Government Loans
  • Order Tax Certificates
  • Generate LE and TIL Disclosures
  • Collect Signed Disclosures and Verify
  • Verification of HOI (Homeowners Insurance)
  • Title Search & Report Preparation

Underwriting & Quality Checks Support

  • Credit Review
  • Contract Review
  • Review Flood Certificate
  • Review Appraisal Report
  • Title Review
  • Fraud Review

Closing Support

  • Document Preparation
  • Scheduling of Closing
  • HUD Reviews
  • HMDA Data Gathering and Reporting
  • Closing File Review
  • MERS Recording
  • Recording Support

Post-closing & Compliance Support

  • Post-close Review and Exception Curing
  • Suspense / Exception Reporting
  • Trailing Documents
  • Investor Guideline Review
  • Final Document Indexing

Benefits of partnering with Peoples Processing

  • More than a decade of experience in Loan processing
  • Multi-state footprint to support your state-wise requirements
  • Single window processing, avoid working with multiple vendors
  • Only company providing origination and post-close services
  • Only company leveraging RPA and AI in mortgage fulfillment
  • Flexible engagement model to help you choose what you need