Privo is a Latin word for "Deliver" and we believe in the concept of delivering what we promise. Privo Corporation is a US HQ entity with a presence in India. Whatever services we provide – today or in the future – our customers can be sure that we will provide what we agreed to provide in the first place – no two ways about that. This is part of our DNA and something we will not /cannot falter from.

Privo Corporation was formed in the US in late 2005, incorporated in the state of Delaware. The company currently operates out of the US, Singapore, and India (in Bangalore, Cochin)

Starting with mortgage processing outsourcing, PrivoCorp has moved to providing delegated underwriting services to our clients where in larger and more complicated systems and processes are involved.

We then moved to providing accounting services to US based clients based on the Quickbooks accounting platform.

In 2014, we entered into a partnership with Quickbooks in India with a Gold level partnership to offer consulting services to Indian companies.

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