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Welcome to our site!


PrivoCorp is the destination for companies looking to improve their mortgage or accounting operations.

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Our Services


Mortgage Services

Various types of supporting and administrative services that require expertise.



Looking for an accountant who can help you all the way up to an audit?



Need help with prompt data entries (done correctly?). Particularly with Quickbooks?

Our Advantages

  • Domain Expertise.

    Whether you are looking for mortgage or accounting services, rest assured that you are dealing with the experts.

  • Delivery.

    When we commit to deadlines, we make sure we meet them - this takes the guesswork out of schedules.

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Our Capabilities



Constant communication and collaboration is a key to success in outsourcing. We make sure we communicate with our partners at all times.

Bridging the Gap.

We help companies bridge the gap between their strategic objectives and execution, by being an extension of their operations team - while being off the balance sheet.

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  •  I thought outsourcing to PrivoCorp would result in loss of control of my accounts.

    Rob, Mortgage Business Owner

  • Best decision I made ...

    Jitto, client

  • Very Supportive in their approach

    Dilshad, client